MultiModal Big Image Data Sharing and Exploration

Welcome to the tutorials for MoBIE!

The MoBIE Fiji viewer is a Fiji plugin allowing easy exploration of big multi-modal images and associated tabular data.

Main Features:

Get started with the tutorials below:

Exploring existing projects

Advanced usage

Making your own projects

Data formats & MoBIE specification

High content screening

Use-cases and example projects

Most of the examples in the tutorial are from Whole-body integration of gene expression and single-cell morphology, where MoBIE is used to visualize a EM volume of a Platynereis dumerilii larva, derived segmentations and gene expression profiles. MoBIE supports several other data modalities and combinations thereof, for example:

Live demonstrations

The MoBIE functionality is also demonstrated in a series of videos:

There is also a NEuBIAS BigData Seminar introducing MoBIE.


If you use MoBIE in your research please cite the MoBIE Nature Methods publication.


For questions or issues about MoBIE, please open a topic in the forum using the tag mobie. For specific technical issues or bugs, you can also open an issue on github.