MultiModal Big Image Data Sharing and Exploration

Views and locations


The viewer (BigDataViewer) places all images within the same physical coordinate system. The current coordinates of your mouse are displayed in the top right corner of the window.

Saving a location / orientation

To save your current location and orientation, you can right click in the viewer and select Log Current View


This will print a series of values to the Log window like so:

# Current view
To restore the view, any of below lines can be pasted into the 'location' text field.
To share views with other people we recommend 'normalizedAffine'.

Moving to a location / orientation

To move to a position, you simply copy one of these printed lines into the location field and click move.

In general, we recommend using position (if you don’t care about orientation), or normalizedAffine (if you do).


Views are a way to save the current setup of your viewer, so anyone can browse to it quickly and easily. Selecting a view will take you to the exact location and orientation saved, with the same images added to the viewer, and the same tables, plots and colour scheme.

To access a view, simply select it’s name from the MoBIE dropdown menus and select ‘view’. Only a subset of views are shown in this dropdown by default. If the project contains more, you can view them by right clicking in the mobie viewer and selecting Load Additional Views, and then Load from Project.


You can also load your own views from the file system. To create your own views, see the Creating your own views tutorial here.